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What Is Green Vietnam Kratom Powder?

The Green varieties of kratom are at the middle point of their life when harvested. Meaning it does not have as much potency as red-veined kratom but more than the young white varieties. Green Vietnam is popular for those who enjoy this strain in other vein colors. You will find Vietnam strains in red vein, white vein, green vein, and yellow vein kratom. 

Where Does it Originate From?

We name Kratom according to its vein color and where it originates. So, it’s easy to see that this strain is native to Vietnam. You will find Green Vietnam kratom growing along the Mekong River and Southern parts. This particular area is well known for its mineral-rich soil. The tropical weather conditions, as well as the rich soil, allows this strain to have a robust alkaloid profile. 

How Is Green Vietnam Kratom Powder Made?

The process is simple and organic.

  1. Farmers harvest Green Vietnam.
  2. Farmers put it through a specialized drying process. During this time the leaves will lock in the alkaloid content and crushed into powder. Powder tends to be the most popular form of kratom, as it is the cheapest option.
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