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What Is Green Indo Kratom?

Green Indo Kratom is a popular strain among kratom enthusiasts.

  • It is not the highest in potency, but it does offer a good balance among the other vein colors.
  • If you are looking to try a new green strain then you must try this product. 

Where Does Green Indo Originate From?

People most often characterize Kratom by its vein color and place of origin. So, looking at the name it is easy to see that this strain comes from Indonesia. This helps kratom users identify with the various strains that are on the market. 

How Is It Made?

Harvesters will collect the leaves from the Mitragyna speciosa trees, as with all other kratom strains. They will then go through a specialized drying technique to help lock in their alkaloid profile.

The leaves will then be crushed into a powder and sold on the market. The powder tends to be the most popular form of kratom, but you can also find other kratom products such as capsules, tinctures, and extracts. 


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