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Green Borneo Powder Kratom is a powerful 100% organic powder that harnesses the therapeutic potential of the leaf. It contains a range of alkaloids and flavonoids that provide a mild but powerful boost in energy and focus. With 0.5% mitragynine content, it offers one of the highest concentrations available. Unmatched in quality and potency, Green Borneo Powder Kratom is a natural way to support healthy energy levels.

What Is Green Borneo Kratom?

Green Borneo is cultivated from Mitragyna Speciosa trees. It has a smooth taste and is one of the purest forms of Green Vein KratomAfter harvesting, the leaves undergo a specialized drying process, followed by crushing them into a powder for sale to consumers or for making other products.


While kratom does grow wild in the jungles and forests throughout Southeast Asia, most farmers will have plantations where they take care of their crops. This allows them the chance to control the quality, purity, and consistency of their kratom. As a result, better quality kratom is offered on the market. 

Its Famous Strains

Borneo kratom originates from the Borneo Islands. We offer it in

  • red, green,
  • white, and
  • yellow kratom.

You have the chance to purchase a strain that suits your specific needs. The weather in Borneo is ideal for growing high-quality kratom. Green vein kratom strains provide balanced support because they are at the midpoint of their life cycle.


Green kratom is the middle of the road when it comes to potency. It is a great starting point for those who are new to kratom. It will allow a user the chance to see if the green strains provide the support they are seeking. If not, then they can adjust this by moving to a red or white strain.




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