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Why Is This Strain Called Gold Maeng Da Kratom Powder?

The "gold" In the GOLD MAENG DA KRATOM POWDER refers to the color that the leaf transforms during the drying process. The leaves and stems will first fade to a light brown and then turn into gold. It is the drying process that creates the effects that help the leaf achieve its gold color.

How Is it Made?

  • Gold Maeng Da does not occur naturally. They do not cultivate this strain of kratom, they create it. 
  • The cultivation of kratom requires a climate that is warm, humid, and has adequate rainfall. 
  • Once the Mitragyna Speciosa tree blooms, the farmers harvest the plant.

However, this is how they begin creating the Golden variety. Farmers on plantations across Indonesia will use a combination of green and white vein kratom strains to create Gold Maeng Da. After removing the stems, farmers leave the leaves to dry in the sun. 

It is during this drying process that the leaves will begin to transform into a golden color. The drying process for this strain of kratom differs from others, as farmers must keep the leaves moist for an extended period by wetting them each time they dry out.

The entire drying process will take about 10 days. In the end, farmers get Gold Maeng Da, which is one of the most potent gold strains of kratom available. Sun exposure causes a chemical change in the leaves, making it possible. This is truly one of nature's most amazing effects. 

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